Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy

Initiated and took charge of Procurement Australia’s first ever projects centered around ESG principles.


The first step in the project was to conduct a complete assessment of Procurement Australia’s current operations, programs, and initiatives to evaluate their alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and identify areas for improvement.

This assessment helped us identify key hotspots that needed to be addressed and served as a foundation for developing the ESG strategy.


ESG Strategy


Procurement Australia




Nataliya Kozhushna

Strategy Development

Based on the assessment, I developed several pathways for improving Procurement Australia’s ESG practices. I proposed a range of initiatives to promote social responsibility, ethical conduct, and robust governance practices that aligned with the company’s values. I worked closely with Procurement Australia’s leadership team to ensure that the initiatives were practical, feasible, and had clear metrics for success.

Action Plan

After finalising the ESG strategy and initiatives, I developed a detailed action plan for implementation. The plan outlined specific steps and timelines for each initiative, including the development of policies, procedures, and reporting mechanisms to ensure that the ESG strategy was fully integrated into Procurement Australia’s operations.