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Nataliya Kozhushna

Market Research: Sustainable & Ethical Procurement in Australia

This case study showcases the results of a market research project conducted for Procurement Australia in the sustainability industry in Australia. The research aimed to assess the feasibility and impact of various sustainability tactics and plans that offer the highest value to Procurement Australia members.

Strategy: To address this challenge, a multi-disciplinary working group was formed including directors from strategic sourcing, sales, marketing, finance, and relevant managers. The group leveraged insights from a member forum to identify key areas of interest.

Scope: I conducted qualitative research on each area of interest to evaluate the feasibility and impact of potential sustainability tactics and plans. To fully understand the potential, a comprehensive business analysis was conducted. This analysis included the estimation of potential return on investment (ROI) and the identification of potential risks.

Results: The findings showed high demand and a rapidly growing market for key areas of interest. The outcome of the business analysis provided a clearer picture of the potential benefits and drawbacks of each opportunity and allowed the working group to make informed decisions.


Presented findings to CEO and outlined a plan for implementation.


More detailed strategy planning at the outset is crucial for project success.

 Developed market analysis focusing on 8 key deliverables:

  1. Industry Overview
  2. Market Size
  3. Key Players
  4. Competitive Landscape
  5. Product & Service Opportunities
  6. Business Analysis
  7. Risks
  8. Actions & Next Steps