Connecting Migrant-Led Startups with Potential Investors and Partners

NxGenStartups is a startup accelerator program based in Australia, supported by government and industry partners.

One of their recent programs was designed specifically for migrants or first-generation Australians who came from diverse backgrounds and were inspired to become entrepreneurs or set up a business with international exposure.




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Nataliya Kozhushna


One of the main challenges of this program was to connect migrant-led startups with potential investors and partners.

Many of these entrepreneurs faced language barriers, cultural differences, and limited networks in Australia. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was challenging to facilitate in-person workshops and networking events.


To overcome these challenges, NxGenStartups partnered with experienced startup consultants, including myself, to provide tailored support and mentorship.

The program consisted of three stages: pre-accelerator, investment readiness, and scale-up readiness w/ global market access. I managed cross-functional teams to ensure smooth program execution.

#NxGenStartups: Driving social impact through entrepreneurship.


Thanks to the tailored support and mentorship provided by the NxGenStartups program, many of the participating startups were able to overcome language and cultural barriers and successfully connect with potential investors and partners.

The program was successful in promoting entrepreneurship in Australia and supporting migrant-led businesses and startups. Thanks to the hard work of NxGenStartups and their partners, including myself, many aspiring entrepreneurs were able to turn their dreams into reality and build successful businesses with international exposure.

40+ Hours

Dedicated content and mentorship for each participant, assisting them in their entrepreneurship journey and making them think and act like early-stage companies & grow.

10 Startups

Shortlisted for the last stage of the program, which was focused on scale-up readiness and global market access. The participating startups were able to refine their business models, pitch decks, and fundraising strategies, and many of them were able to secure funding and partnerships as a result of the program.